Light Invader

The bulbs of the Invaders collection can expand into a variety of shapes. One can manually influence the shape of the light object. However, the automatic movement of the light object strengthens a dynamic light experience.   

The aspect of movement influences the venue where the light object is located in, as the venue seems to move together with the light object.

Due to the different sizes, each model has it its own effect and role in the venue it is in. My lamps ensure that the experience of a certain venue becomes more dynamic. Herewith, I want to create a more intense experience. Furthermore, it is my aim to inspire people to become an active participant of the venue instead of a passive spectator.

In our urbanized environment there is an increasing number of temporary events taking place in unoccupied locations such as old manufacturing-halls and empty office-buildings. My products are able to change these temporary-used venues into locations where people can experience an unique atmosphere through the means of light, form and movement. With my light objects, I want to encourage new activity that brings old buildings back to life.